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Reprisal - None Survive The Sun

Reprisal - None Survive The Sun

Label : Hostile Media | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : The cover art for ‘None Survive The Sun’ can easily be recognized as a Dan Seagrave, but don’t expect old school death metal from these South East England thrashers Reprisal. Originally founded in the year 2011, the band from the Surrey / Berkshire area released their debut EP ‘Ichneumanity’ in 2013 and returns with this, their debut full length album ‘None Survive The Sun’ on March the 30th through Hostile Media.

The four piece, Theo Brooke on bass, Oliver du Toit on guitars, Sion Mason on drums and vocalist Tommy Johnstone play a strong blend of technical and slightly progressive thrash metal with a hint to bands like Exodus and Darkane and they have managed to write and record a pretty damn fine thrash metal record. Reprisal manage to combine powerful modern thrash metal drumming and with old school riffage and impressive and versatile thrash metal vocals. The music of Reprisal is definitely very much drum-driven, very energetic and they are the foundation to the ten punishing thrash metal compositions on this record and absolutely the biggest asset of Reprisal. With such intense and massive drum work, it is almost impossible to fail as a guitarist to lay down some vicious thrash metal riffs on top of the drums. The songs contain fast thrash metal riffs, that at times are technical and progressive but above all are true neckbreakers with an old school thrash metal feeling. The guys in Reprisal know their trade well and it is an absolute pleasure as a thrash metal fan to listen to this release. Yet I think the album could have been more powerful and in your face if they had cut down the length of their songs, which are between five and seven minutes now and makes you lose track sometimes. Three to four minutes songs work better in my opinion. But apart from that, ‘None Survive The Sun’ will pave the way for bigger things to come for this very talented band from the UK.

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