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Rawfoil - Evolution In Action

Rawfoil - Evolution In Action

Label : Punishment 18 Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : I love debut albums. Do you know why? Because you can easily get started without any prejudices and sometimes it feels like you find a really special pearl.

Rawfoil from the northern part of Italy could be such a pearl, because they manage to pleasure and entertain me from the first second from their album ‘Evolution In Action’ until the last with their old-school trash sound. Rough and blunt, just how I want my thrash metal. Certainly there are still a lot of unsolid edges and sometimes I have the feeling that they are battling with their almost ambiguous and ambitious ideas. And these extremely good ideas are numerous on the album and you cannot accuse them of a lack of diversity in their songs. I am very curious how the vijf Italians will develop in the future with a little more practice and experience and what we can expect more, but all in all it is a start that you can be really proud of.

I will certainly appreciate being able to review an album from them again in the future, and until then I will give ‘Evolution in Action’ some more spins and I recommend this piece of thrash metal to all lovers of the 80’s. Just give this newcomers a chance on March 26th, that’s when it will be released.

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