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As Oceans - Still Miles To Go

As Oceans - Still Miles To Go

Label : Primitve Ways Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : A slow-tempo melodeath song opens the new record by North Carolina’s As Oceans. The formation released two albums in the past and is releasing its third March 16th, titled ‘Still Miles To Go’. Think of modern melodeath in the vein of Dark Tranquility and Paradise Lost with lots of modern metalcore like Architects and A Day To Remember. Where the opening song might feel mismatched, the tempo is upped on ‘Wanderer Above the Mist’, and it sets a way better tone. The albums’ production value is high and vocalist Logan Lawson really manages to pull in the listener with his developed scream and convincing clean vocals.

The metalcore and deathcore influences get a bigger role as the album progresses: songs like ‘Snake Oil’ and the groovy ‘Shadow Exodus’ grab the attention in a good way. Rivers of Nihil guitarist Brody Uttley gets a solo spot on ‘Satyagraha’, elevating that song to higher planes. The band gets heavier on ‘Splinters’, where deathcore riffing pops up every now and then, after which the band shows its progressive side on the three-part song after that, starting with the Tesseract-inspired ‘Part I – The Knight’ where clean vocals akin to Matt Heafy of Trivium get all the spotlight. Deservingly so, I might add. It’s all quite well-written but is still very much searching for a unique sound. This album makes me excited about what the band can do exploring the progressive side of things and I hope to hear a more definitive direction on the follow-up.

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