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Nale - Death Skull Satan

Nale - Death Skull Satan

Label : Black Lodge | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Nale is a band from Sweden and plays heavy metal. Metal of the kind that compatriots as Transport League play; heavy, occasional and acceleration and with a guy with a sore throat behind the microphone. As far as I can see, this is the first release of the four piece from Stockholm. In their bio the band mentions bands such as Pantera, The Haunted and Danko Jones as sources of inspiration; so I guess you know in which musical direction you can put the music of Nale!

The guy with the power throat behind the microphone in Nale is Mathias Blom. He does convince. He has power and strength and is much less agitated but especially less of a screamer than Transport League frontman Tony. Blom just sings brutally but does not scream. The riffs are generally heavy and mid-tempo ('Filth', 'Dead Man's Song') and occasionally the band also finds the accelerator (the nice thrashy title track, but also the chased 'No Escape' and the ultra-short ' Drive '). Tomas Åkvik is a good guitarist who knows how to impress both in the riff and in the solo work. Really a good musician, that guy. But also drummer Anders Ljung should not be left unmentioned; very solid and with a great sense of structure and pace he knows how to manage to keep the Nale train in the right direction. The music of the band is not really spectacular and it never gets really exciting, but 'Death.Skulls.Satan' is just an excellent metal album.

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