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Light The Torch - Revival

Light The Torch - Revival

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Those who wondered what the hell happened to Devil You Know will now receive an answer to their question. The band with singer Howard Jones (ex Killswitch Engage), Francesco Artusato (former All Shall Perish) and Ryan Wombacher are now back with the album 'Revival'. However, in 2016 they got into trouble with some other members, a legal conflict sprouted about use of the bandname when some members left the group, and the the whole thing seemed to collapse. Fortunately, Howard, Francesco and Ryan did not accept this. They decided to continue under the moniker Light The Torch, and this name certainly applies to the band because they are now completely back.

And that is clearly audible on this album. Light The Torch is no longer that straight in-your-face metalcore band as we got to know Devil You Know. Light The Torch has grown to a much higher level and has delivered a wonderful album with a sound that is extraordinarily compelling. 'Revival' floats between modern metal, alternative rock and occasionally another impetuous metalcore charge is performed. Howard Jones remains an extremely gifted singer with his baroque voice in which he can put a lot of emotions. The album gets underway with 'Die Alone'. A clever song in which metal and rock flows together and occasionally passes a more metalcore tinted chorus. The choir singing during the choruses gives it some extra spice. The band has managed to maintain this high level throughout the whole record. With songs like 'The God I Deserve', 'Calm Before The Storm' and 'Pull My Heart Out' they go straight to the top after bands like Five Finger Death Punch and Stone Sour. Their metalcore past is revealed in 'The Sound Of Violence' where heavy riffs and aggressive metalcore vocals take precedence. The album is closed with 'Judas Convention' in which the lyrics refer textual refer to the disloyalty of their ex-band mates. Light The Torch is the proverbial resurrection of the super trio Howard, Francesco and Ryan and with this album they have put themselves on the map again.

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