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Evolucija - Hunt

Evolucija - Hunt

Label : Pure Steel Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : ‘Hunt’ is already the third full-length studio album of the from Serbia and Switzerland hailing symphonic metal outfit Evolucija, after having released their debut album ‘Baklja Slobod’ in 2008 which was followed by ‘Igra Pocinje’ in 2016. As the album titles of the first two records already suggest were these two more focused on the local market, while they want to reach a bigger audience with this ‘Hunt’ album. I doubt whether they’re actually going to succeed in that, because their by Leaves’ Eyes and Amaranthe influenced symphonic metal is not at the quality level yet that is needed to attract a big audience.

What are then the most important aspects that prevent this album of making a big impact in the scene? First of all the song material on offer is too average to really stand out from the crowd. The ten tunes on offer are all quite easy listening material, but nowhere they really grab you by the throat and they are just not distinctive enough to leave a real positive impression. Next to that I have some trouble with the English pronunciation of female singer Ilana Marinjes-von-Arx, who as such has quite a good voice but the somewhat deficient control of the English language brings too much and undesired distraction from the total picture. In my opinion they should really improve on this aspect or make the choice to switch back to their native tongue, because that would really have a positive impact. Furthermore also the production is up for improvement, because everything sound quite stale and this kind of music requires a warmer sound.

Having said this you will get the impression that this third Evolucija album is a total failure, but that absolutely woudn’t do justice to the band. As stated the song material on offer is quite average, but tunes like ‘Hunt’, ‘Reflections On A Blade’ and especially ‘Portrait’ show that they certainly have good ideas, which make these tracks very worthwhile listening to. They just don’t show this on the entire album yet, which creates a bit of an inconsistent quality level. The performance of the material is definitely okay, while also the voice of female singer Ilana Marinjes-von-Arx (besides the already mentioned mediocre English pronunciation) sounds quite convincing. This is however not enough yet to stand out from the crowd and they really need to work on the mentioned improvement aspects. This ‘Hunt’ is just the first step towards a bigger audience and if Evolucija will be able to make the necessary progression in the near future they will certainly be able to claim a good position within the genre. At this moment ‘Hunt’ just doesn’t offer enough for e yet to be categorized as a truly good album.

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