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Abinchova - Weltenwanderer

Abinchova - Weltenwanderer

Label : Massacre | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Abinchova follows in Eluveitie’s tracks and right away they add their own historical story to it. They hail from Lucerne (Switzerland) and the band was formed in 2005 in a cellar near the remnants of the ancient historical city Ebo, mentioned in a historic document in 893. That interest in historical feats they have in common with Eluveitie, but also their sound has similarities, without getting too far in that.

From the original line-up, only violinist/female singer Nora Lang is still present in the seven-headed outfit. She obviously learned a lot from Anna Murphy (ex-Eluveitie, Cellar Darling) and the first cooperation with her resulted in the single ‘Handgeschrieben’. Next the later material was always recorded at the New Sound Studios of Tommy Vetterli. Same goes for this third album ‘Weltenwanderer’ for which they inked a deal with Massacre. This disc includes thirteen songs with the raucous death grunt of Arnaud Hilfiker, that’s why the foundation happens to be melodic death metal with loads of excellent fervent guitar skills, but violin always gracefully flies through it with lovely melodies and the intense voice of Nora is another contrast with a semblance of authentic ethnic flair. As mentioned before, her voice timbre is really akin to the one of Anna. Nevertheless, Abinchova should not be considered a cheap copycat and songs like the catchy ‘Liedermacher’, the melancholic ‘Nachtlied’ and the battle-like energy in tracks such as ‘Weltenwanderer’ and ‘Lichtfänger’ really please us. The support of Eluveitie is surely there, in February they opened for them in Japan, that’s why we hope that Abinchova will be able to gather any fame in our areas as well.

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