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St. Elmo's Fire - Evil Never Sleeps

St. Elmo's Fire - Evil Never Sleeps

Label : Pure Steel Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : St. Elmo's Fire is an American band that released some singles and LPs in the eighties. Their latest album dates back to 1992, after which a CD was released in 2015 by Karthago Records containing their previous albums. After all those years there is now a new album from these veterans entitled 'Evil Never Sleeps'. New vocalist Kevin Brady resemblances Stephen Pearcy of Ratt and that's why St. Elmo's Fire sounds like Ratt. It is the same sort of hard rock that they play. Listen to 'Across The Nations' or 'Soultaker'. Musically, St. Elmos Fire does the job and the album sounds very well. With Jeff Jones, there is a great guitar player present who can do just that little bit more than the average hard rock guitarist. Twelve songs are on the album with three alternative versions of songs that have already appeared earlier on the album. That is also where it gets a bit too much. All in all, the album is long and there are no outstanding tracks on it. In conclusion, a decent rock album but it will probably not rise to the surface in the ongoing stream of releases.

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