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Jaded Heart - Devil's Gift

Jaded Heart - Devil's Gift

Label : Massacre | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : The thirteenth album by this melodic metal band. They have been through quite some line-up changes, never got their big break-through, but keep on delivering new material of a certain quality and consequently according to an approved recipe. Faster songs are well combined with stompin' mid-tempo rockers and some more laid-back moments. The foundation is solid and tight and both vocals and guitars deliver quality parts, but still I can get the impression of most stuff being written and performed on auto-pilot. The personally highly appreciated live DVD 'Live Cologne' made me truly believe in this band again, but they are starting to run out of credits. This album surely is a job pretty well done, but cannot reach me always; as if it lacks the devotion from earlier days, which I experienced again with the live recordings. Some exceptions are 'Tears Of Our World' with a great dragging Zakk Wylde-like riff and the following 'Phoenix' with stubborn hooks and breaks and great solo; more of this please!

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