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Eldritch - Cracksleep

Eldritch - Cracksleep

Label : Scarlet Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : In 1992 Dream Theater released their second album ‘Images and Words’ and I was and still am a huge fan of this album. I still like to play this records and still enjoy it a lot. At that time there was nothing that actually could stand in the shadow of this album. In these days I used to be a disc-jockey at a local radio station and used to receive promotional albums on a regular basis. One day I received a cassette from an Italian band called Eldritch. This tape was a demo with songs that would appear on the later to release album ‘Seeds of Rage’. Although I was convinced that ‘Images and Words’ was a ridiculously good album this band with this demo tape was definitely much more fun. The music was at least as complex and diverse but they were more actual songs. The songs where filled with thrashy guitar riffs and A.O.R. vocal lines.

In the following years I preferred Eldritch because of these previously mentioned elements and besides that I got tired of the singing of James LaBrie. Terence Holler on the contrary is a singer that simply does not get boring. At a certain period in my life my musically preferences changed and I lost sight of Eldritch. It was the moment that Eldritch changed their style and we simply drifted apart. Just a year ago when I was organizing my cd collection I ran into this debut album and started playing it again. A lot of time to listen to the old albums is not given because our chief editor surprised me with the soon to be released new Eldritch album. The last weeks I could not stop listening to this amazing album. They have put a lot of the elements of the first albums back into their music so modern days and the good old days are brought together. Terence is still a great singer with a beautiful and distinctive voice that brings the A.O.R. sound onto the thrashy guitar riffs. The music show the old elements but more mature and more eagerly. The drum parts of Raffahell make sure that your legs will not be able to keep still under my desk. Add the ultra-tough guitar riffs and bass parts as you might hear on Annihilator albums and you have entered a huge party.
This band deserves a huge stage, just because they fuckin’ rock!

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