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Djevel - Blant Svarte Graner

Djevel - Blant Svarte Graner

Label : Aftermath Music | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : The Norwegians of Djevel return to the darkness and are ready to release their fifth full-length. ‘Blant Svarte Graner’ is the continuation of the sound Djevel is known for. Firmly rooted in true Norwegian black metal (Taake, early Satyricon, Koldbrann etc…) but elevated by excellent song-writing and total authenticity. Djevel have upped the ante for themselves once more because ‘Blant Svarte Graner’ offers everything an ol-school black metal album should contain. A freezing cold atmosphere, subtle melodies, and a grimy sound all-round. The tracks contain a healthy dose of variety but the cold wind of the north always permeates through the riffing, drumming and the raspy vocals, so the mood never breaks. And that is fine with me. ‘Blant Svarte Graner’ is an album that takes me back in time without indulging in senseless nostalgia.

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