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Rotengeist - The Test That Divides Us All

Rotengeist - The Test That Divides Us All

Label : Defense Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : From Poland hails Rotengeist, a band that was created in 2005. Their first full-length was called ‘Fear Is The Key’ (2009). The second one is ‘Start To Exterminate’ (2014) and their most recent is ‘The Test That Divides Us All’. It was released through Defense Records. All Rotengeist members are also involved in Sacrifer. Maybe you might recognize them from the 2012 ‘Valhalla Is For Me’ album. Maybe not… well I unfortunately didn’t.

The ‘The Test That Divides Us All’ album has become a nice one. The band mixes thrash metal with some slight progressive and hardcore influences. There are some guest contributions on the album, of which Vader’s Marek “Spider” Pajak is the most appealing. There’s also a cover version of ‘Gest Idoli’ from the legendary Polish punk band Karcer on this album. Nice one. Rotengeist won’t conquer the metal scene with ‘TTTDUA’ but this has become a somewhat above mediocre album.

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