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Dark Buddha Rising - Mahathgata II

Dark Buddha Rising - Mahathgata II

Label : Neurot Recordings | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Marcel H. : Three years after the last album ‘Inversum’ the dark Buddha from Finland rises with an EP, consisting of two songs that clock in at a total of 25 minutes, entitled ‘II’ with the songs ‘Mahathgata I’ and ‘Mahathgata II’. The songs are unmistakably in the Dark Buddha Rising style, so psychedelic, droney, doomy, spiritual, contemplative, hypnotizing, trance inducing, rife with Eastern influences. At times temple music like. Not the kind of music you’ll party to with a pint in hand and start a mosh pit to. No, you’ll need to let the music flood you, have to undergo it all with your entire being. Get meditative to it. For many a person this will be ideal yoga music. Both songs are executed extremely well and Dark Buddha Rising once again proves to be belong to the absolute top. I am curious what a future full-length will bring us.

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