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Augury - Illusive Golden Age

Augury - Illusive Golden Age

Label : The Artisan Era Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : Nine years ago, Augury released the fantastic ‘Fragmentary Evidence’. After the release, a tour followed with The Black Dahlia Murder and Obscura, but after that it remained silent for a long. long time around the band from Montreal. At the time that many people probably did not expect new material to ever arise from Augury again, the news arose in September 2017that the band had signed with The Artisan Era. New music wasn’t available yet, but last month (February '18) ’Mater Dolorosa’, the forerunner of the new album 'Illusive Golden Age', was suddenly there.

The technical death metal packed with progressive elements, busy passages and quiet, atmospheric parts, as we encountered on 'Fragmentary Evidence', is also present on the new album. Although the commentary must be made that you will not come across the same extreme technicality at 'Illusive Golden Age' as for example tracks like 'Oversee The Rebirth' and 'Jupiter To Ignite’ were. Does not take away the fact that the quartet constantly plays with tempo, atmosphere, dynamics and energy and with the richly arranged palette they conjure up one gem after another. The subdued, atmospheric passages that add so much to the dynamics and atmosphere (for example 'Mater Dolorosa', 'The Living Vault', 'Message Sonore', 'Anchorite') and the ever fascinating, bass work by Dominc 'Forest' Lapointe ('Carrion Tide', 'Parrallel Biospheres') are again fully present. The vocal sound is determined by the aggressive death growl, interspersed with a sporadically pure line, by Patrick Loisel. All nice, but if this would not pay off in fascinating compositions, it is nothing but grandeur and splendour for nothing. Needless to say, that you do not have to worry about that? Tracks like 'The Living Vault', 'Carrion Tide', 'Message Sonore ' or closing 'Anchorite' are nothing more than real showpieces.

'Illusive Golden Age' is a return by the Canadian band Augury that I really looked forward to and it does not disappoint for a single moment. Fans of the earlier work or of technical death metal in general can purchase this problem-free. In fact, not doing so, is falling yourself short.

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