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The Golden Grass - Absolutely

The Golden Grass - Absolutely

Label : Listenable | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : Although they released some previous material, ‘Absolutely’ is my first encounter with The Golden Grass. The cover-art makes me suspect the direction of the music; loads of late sixties/early seventies influences. The band describes the music in the added info as “a soulful mix of heavy country-funk boogie and progressive psychedelic freakbeat”. This is indeed a colourful hotchpotch of different sixties and seventies elements. Without being able to accuse these guys of plagiarism, this stuff reminds of lots of great music of some rock ‘n’ roll dinosaurs.

For example a combination of boogie and funk in way Led Zeppelin could have done, followed by Humble Pie-like parts containing riffs from Budgie or ‘One Way Or Another’ by Blondie, a shred ‘Strange Kind Of Woman’ drowned in a Jefferson Airplane atmosphere or a freaky Zappa break or vocal choir appearing from an Allman Brothers-like segment. Something must be clear by now; the “freakbeat” mentioned in the info sheet is certainly available, and it’s performed with craftsmanship and conviction. Although the sound seems authentic sixties/seventies, this album also sounds pretty commercially attractive due to a Tom Scholz-like way of arrangements and production. The track ‘Out On The Road’ could partly even be a straight Boston song, with also some Kiss references from the ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Over’ period in guitars and sound combined with a part that could have been recorded by The Outlaws. With almost every minute of this album, the listener experiences a pleasant waterfall of nostalgia; as if they mixed different ingredients of several quality bands from this great era and given it their own flavour with loads of craftsmanship and love for music. When you’re into the earlier mentioned bands from the sixties and seventies, than this album should certainly be given a try.

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