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Little Caesar - Eight

Little Caesar - Eight

Label : Golden Robot Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : US rockers Little Caesar have been active and on hiatus since 1987. Problems with their record company and the rise of grunge did not make it easy for the band right from the start. But the band has been around now since their second incarnation back in 2007. There is even a link with the Netherlands as their, 2016 release, ‘Brutally Honest’ was recorded in Weert, a small city in the Netherlands. ’21 Again’ is a promising start of this eight (ah, that explains the tile) release, led by singer Ron Young since the start. This is a solid and rocking track. The band stands for true Rock and Roll, with a hint to the blues. The following songs ‘Mamma Said’ and ‘Vegas’ are not that convincing, sadly. With ‘Crushed Velvet’ the band kicks matters into gear again with this great rocking track that holds a really nice and dirty slide guitar solo. Ron Young is the perfect fit for this kind of music with his strong and hoarse voice, without really excelling. He just delivers the way it should, nothing more, nothing less. With ‘Time Enough For That’ the band brings the pace down. Due to the Hammond organ and some nice backing vocals, this is a really nice piece of work. One of the more convincing tracks on ‘Eight’. Other fine songs are ‘Another Fine Mess’, with a nice tinkling piano and the second slower track ‘Morning’. All in all Little Caesar has released a decent and competent album with ‘Eight’. But Little Caesar will be more convincing in a live environment, than with ‘Eight’ I think.

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