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Extremities - Gaia

Extremities - Gaia

Label : Painted Bass Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Textures might have called it quits, at least we still have Extremities! The young band from Eindhoven (the self-proclaimed metal capital of Holland) proved to be eager to carry the torch to the top at the end of last year when Textures said their farewells in 013. The band released their debut full length in January and while we might be late to the party here at Lords, that doesn’t make us any less enthusiastic about this band and this album. The musicianship, songwriting, production; it all builds up to a stunning crescendo that is ‘Gaia’, which easily stands its ground between the very greats of the genre.

The records opens with the blistering ‘Colussus’, where we get a well-balanced mix of Gojira’s and Meshuggah’s heaviness and Tesseract, Textures and Periphery’s melodic goodness. The band knows very well when to leave the listener some breathing room. Songs like the catchy ‘Circular Motions’, where we hear an insanely proficient Thimo Franssen sing with painful precision, ‘Emissary’ that could’ve come straight off ‘Polars’, the dreamy ‘Hydrosphere’, ‘War’ that’s almost Strapping Yound Lad in its delivery and of course the epic ‘The Inward Eye’, spanning almost 18 minutes on its own – every piece in this puzzle fits perfectly and is shaped so beautifully. Just enough familiarity in a fresh and unique sound. If you slept on this album and this band back in January, I’m giving you another chance to pick this up because these guys are gonna be massive.

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