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Goregast - Covered In Skin

Goregast - Covered In Skin

Label : F.D.A. Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Re-release

Sicktus : Goregast. Quite an enjoyable outfit! The Germans started in 2993, back then under the moniker of Distress, they changed their name in 2004 and have released a couple of decent albums with ’Viva El Animal’ (2005), ‘La Revancha’ (2007) and ’Desechos Humanos’ (2011). They combine oldschool Swedeath with a hint of Napalm Death-ish grind. They followed those three full-lengths with the ‘Covered In Skin’ 7”, but have gone on hiatus since 2015.

So, that makes ‘Covered In Skin’ a re-release. The erstwhile 7” now gets a MCD makeover. Which is a good thing, because the two original tracks are highly enjoyable, blunt, no-nonsense Swedeath with a ton of groove and some grindcore sprinkled in here or there. Big bass, sawing grooves, phat riffs, neat, filthy vocals: good stuff, catchy and convincing. Nah, they won’t win the world with this, but I do enjoy this kind of blunt, straightforward yet catchy death. And to add something new to the two old tracks that were on the 2013 release, they have added a very decent cover version of Grave’s ‘Soulless’. Fine by me! Is this release a harbinger of a new Goregast record? Let’s hope so! For now though, they remain on hiatus….

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