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Rotting Christ - Their Greatest Spells

Rotting Christ - Their Greatest Spells

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Time flies! In 2017 Rotting Christ had been around for thirty years! In that anniversary year, founding member Sakis Tolis had a reflective look, together with his brother Themis, on their extensive discography in order to make the choice for a first official compilation album (although earlier compilations have been released, but not so complete as this one). Of course making a choice out of numerous songs will always lead to discussions and it is simply impossible – even with a double album and eighty minutes music on each disc – to include everything that’s essential. Yet this happens to be a nice overview of their admirable career.

The band evolved from grind to black metal, sailed through the nineties with proper gothic flavoured albums and from ‘Theogonia’ on (2007) they started to add more and more ethnic influences to their dark metal. That is still tenable for their most recent release ’Rituals’ (2016). In the meantime they have played more than 1250 shows and since ages they are mentioned in one breathe with their fellow compatriots Septicflesh and Nightfall, bands that have been active for many years as well. As extra they added a previously unreleased track to occlude this wealthy anthology, called ‘I Will Not Serve’. In this way the past is connected with the present and thus this appears to be a fine anthology from these Greek echelons of dark extreme metal with Mediterranean touch.

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