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Mortiferum - Altar Of Decay

Mortiferum - Altar Of Decay

Label : Blood Harvest | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Sicktus : Mortiferum hail from the USA and have released ‘Altar Of Decay’ through their own BandCamp page in 2017, as a demo. That move put Blood Harvest Records on the quartet’s trail, which has led to the official release of ‘Altar Of Decay’ as an MCD.

The four tracks consist of heavy, gritty, primitive, doom-laden death, with a ton of nineties Finnish death scene influences. It all is heavy-as-hell, it tears and claws, rattles-and-roars and it sounds like it was recorded in a garage (well, it was, so...). Oldschool approved? Damn sure. And on the criteria “heaviness” and “oldschool”, they do indeed score rather well. And yes, that has its charm, its pureness and it may very well be the closest thing to a timemachine you’ll find this month... If “raw” and “crushing” are the main things to go by for you, you will definitely love Mortiferum. I for one… I do find the songs lacking a bit in the “stand out” department. Not bad, but just a bit too much leaning towards the dime-a-dozen category. Time is scarce and therefore I probably would prefer to give the true classics another spin. If you want to own ‘Altars Of Decay’ on vinyl, with a bit of luck, Profound Lore Records might be able to help you out.

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