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Last Days Of Eden - Chrysalis

Last Days Of Eden - Chrysalis

Label : Pride And Joy | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The Spanish symphonic metal outfit Last Days Of Eden released their debut album ‘Ride The World’ in 2016, which is now then followed by this ‘Chrysalis’ record. On the debut album they already proved to be quite a talented outfit, but they clearly made some progression on this successor. As such the song material on offer sounds more mature, while also the sound of the record is much better.

The big example of Last Days Of Eden is without a doubt the Finish top formation Nightwish, because the majority of the songs on offer here show lots of resemblances with the music of our Finish friends. That already starts with opening track ‘Forevermore’, where the keyboard intro immediately gives you the impression that you’re dealing with Nightwish here. A lot of people will find this disturbing, but personally I think that this doesn’t do justice to the band. I have to admit that everything sound very similar to the music of their big example but the performance is just fine and also the vocals of female singer Lady Ani sound quite convincing.

With the epic ‘The Roots Of Life’, the great ‘Dead Man’s Tale’, the long ‘Aedea’s Daughter’ and the Within Temptation-alike ‘Romeo & Julian’ they know to create quite a number of strong songs, while the rest of the material doesn’t lag too far behind. I know that a big number of people will simply categorize this as a second-rate Nightwish-clone, but in my opinion that’s certainly not justified. As said I have to admit that the influences of this world-class act are present in abundance in the song material on offer here, but it is done in such a good way that this ‘Chrysalis’ has become a very enjoyable album. Original? No, absolutely not, but definitely worthwhile listening to!

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