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Requiem - Global Resistance Rising

Requiem - Global Resistance Rising

Label : F.D.A. Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : While doing some research, you sometimes come to surprising discoveries. And I just had such an experience. You see, I think 'Global Resistance Rising' from the Swiss outfit Requiem is a deadly boring and rather unnecessary album. Yet I thought I could remember the name of the act from some years ago. That proved to be true, for in 2013 I reviewed their release 'With Darkened Disorder', and I was very enthusiastic about it because of the fierceness, variety, guitar melodies and brutality of the album. In what way is this album totally different then? Well, precisely these elements mentioned above seem to have all completely disappeared. I checked out this album entirely for four times and not a hint of my former enthusiasm remains. ‘Global Resistance Rising’ sounds rather uninspiring and more like an obligation than the culmination of new and fresh ideas. The songs all have the same pace and the same musical theme. In terms of rhythm and vocals, there is hardly any variation to be found. The whole lot sounds more like a standard death metal album from a starting band. It is therefore a mystery to me how they were able to make this after 'With Darkened Disorder'. Pity.

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