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Rites To Sedition  - Ancestral Blood

Rites To Sedition - Ancestral Blood

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : This album was self-released about a year ago in homeland US, but at the day of Spring (21st of March) it will be subject of an independent release in Europe as well. In the meantime they have lost their singer Brian Kingsland to Nile – he is their current guitarist – but as four-piece they bravely continue. ‘Ancestral Blood’ happens to be the meritorious debut album of a melodic black metal band hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, founded in 2013. The music has an epic, triumphant undercurrent and is often supported by keyboards. But the icing on the cake is without any doubt the art of Gabriel Lucia. He did not only take over the vocals now (think of a juicy growl in the vein of Opeth), but he really graces the lengthy compositions with fervent soloing, not only focusing on fast virtuosity, but playing from the heart with emotive depth. Delicious!

This is a dense extreme metal album, having an instrumental foundation inevitably based on black metal (sharp diffuse guitars, tremolo picking), but the low-ranged grunt merely verges to proper death metal. Yet Rites To Sedition distinguishes itself from the masses, even though they are not signed by a label yet. The production and the sound is excellent, the songs will lead you away to unknown places of wonder, they haunt you from start to finish, in despite of their considerable length. Now and then we hear an atmospheric short intermezzo, followed by cutting loose with dense hectic blackened fury. This is not just an average debut, we already notice that during ‘Waveform 66’. The guitar sound – more precisely the leads – is really amazing! The band even has the nearest approach to early Opeth in the nearly eleven minutes long ‘The Moon Tytan Phylon’, with well-balanced structures while maintaining proper raucousness. Melancholy prevails in ‘Echelons Of Imposition’, a stunner that recalls affinity with German post black metal outfits. We dig deeper into eerie sounds during the title track, are overwhelmed by ‘Sorcerers Of Atlantis’ and astonished by the rigorous ‘Wartide’. As apotheosis, the final track ‘The Golden Aeon Of Saturnia’ is ace. Eleven minutes long you are sitting on a wave of up and downward going sounds full of intensity, with once again those guitar solos that show an opulence of feelings. This is jaw-breaking to listen to! In addition they dig deeper into occult mysteries in the lyrics, stimulating your imagination about feats and facts that once led to the foundation of history, mystery and mythology. An extensive package full of challenges and as bonus we get a symphonic, instrumental version of one song. Rites To Sedition: a name to keep in mind. As melodic black metal fan you should really check this out!

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