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Slaves BC - Lo And I Am Burning

Slaves BC - Lo And I Am Burning

Label : The Fear And The Void Recordings | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: LP

William Kampen : It has mostly been the last two years where the borders between other genres and black metal have faded. Well, they have not faded but people who recently seemed to have discovered black metal have no idea what black metal really is. This also counts for Slaves BC. With 'Lo And I Am Burning' I am dealing with a bad black metal record but a decent crust hardcore/black/death/sludge record. Slaves BC is the brainchild by Josh Thieler, with Sean Singer and Brandon Siple on the strings. You are treated to some kind of Agoraphobic Nosebleed versus Anaal Nathrakh light, which is far from bad but misses the sharp edge to become dangerous on this record. I do think this band has potential, though. If they lose control a bit more and if the recordings gain more dimension, it might just result in this band crushing our souls at Roadburn in some years. That is a compliment. But not as a black metal band.

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