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Grim Fate - Emerging From The Crypt

Grim Fate - Emerging From The Crypt

Label : Chaos Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Hendrik Attema : Most people are fond of exotism when music is concerned. This is exactly what should be the case regarding Grim Fate, when you’re not from the Netherlands. The Dutch soil proves to be a great breeding ground for a sound that’s so harsh that Grim Fate presents a great grinding effort with ‘Emerging From The Crypt’. The four songs presented are of the finest doom-death with references to the Scandinavian/Gothenburg-sound of the early nineties. Grim Fate also makes Triptykon sound as if it were happy metal. The band makes you drown in the quicksandy ‘Embracing Your Death, surprises with the Anthrax-reference of ‘Dying World’ and scorches the listener throughout because of the ultra-low tuned guitars. All of which topped with a fitting production that reveals its details when listened to through headphones.

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