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Whorehouse - Corporation

Whorehouse - Corporation

Label : Defense Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The Polish thrashers from Whorehouse brought us about eight years ago already their quite enjoyable debut album ‘Execution Of Humanity’, which is now then (finally) followed by this ‘Corporation’ record. I don’t exactly know the reason why it did take them this long before they came up with a successor for the debut album, but you’ll probably ask yourself whether this second album was worth the long wait? Well, after having given the record quite a number of spins, I must conclude that these guys certainly have added value in the current thrash scene and as such I can answer that question with a yes.

The song material sounds very mature and you can clearly hear that the musicians are quite experienced and know how to play their instruments. Both guitar players Seba and Krzychu take care of the necessary entertaining, at times quite fresh and energetic sounding riffs and solos, while also the vocals of Seba (who sometimes reminds me of Chuck Billy) prove to be of the requested quality level. That combination accounts for eight nice thrash tunes, of which especially ‘Corporation’, the Exodus-alike ‘Toxic Dance’, the rough ‘W.W.W.A.W.W.B. (We Were, We Are, We Will Be)’ and album closer ‘Anguis In Herba’ can count on my appreciation.

Of course our Polish friends are still far removed from the level of their big (American) examples, but I must say that I’ve enjoyed myself quite well with this ‘Corporation’ album and that they’ve been able to make quite a big step in comparison with their debut album in my opinion. Now they have to make sure that they will continue this progression and certainly don’t let us wait another eight years for a next album. The thrashers among us must definitely give this ‘Corporation’ a good listen, because I’m convinced that the fans of the genre will dig this.

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