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Crisix - Against The Odds

Crisix - Against The Odds

Label : Listenable | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : A high tempo, aggressive, sharp guitar riffs, vocal lines with two voices passing by in question-and-answer mode ('Get Out Of My Head') ... yes, also the new album 'Against The Odds' from the Spanish act Crisix is full of all imaginable thrash metal characteristics. The band has captured all those character sketches in often strong, detailed tracks. The razor-sharp 'Technophiliac', the driving 'The North Remembers', the catchy 'Get Out Of My Head', the rawness of 'Leech Breeder': they are all fine tracks. That elaboration did not always work out well; the beginning of 'Perseverance' is intriguing and the bass line halfway makes for a nice break, but otherwise the track hardly attracts. The tempo is also slightly lower there, just where the quintet excels when the pace is really high ('Technophiliac'). The riffs then seem to be just that little sharper and I like that. You will also encounter he, by now well-known, wink on this album; even if it was only the presence of Dragon Ball character Vegeta in 'Prince of Saiyans'.

With 'Against The Odds', the Spanish quintet will not win the originality prize, but you would also really deprive them by simply putting them away as yet another thrash metal clone. 'Against The Odds' is a fine thrash album where lovers of the genre will experience more than enough hours of fun.

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