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Preludio Ancestral - Oblivion

Preludio Ancestral - Oblivion

Label : Fighter Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : Leo Gatti and his friends deliver us their fourth album filled with tough heavy metal with which they try to conquer the world. If they will succeed however is up for discussion. It is a nice album filled with all kinds of tough metal, but it will not end up in my top three of 2018. This does not mean that you have to ignore this album, on the contrary. It definitely is an album that gives a great amount of joy. After the albums intro the cool guitar riffs bring me instantly back to the early years of the eighties. The link with bands like Riot or Agent Steel is one that is quite clear to me, however later on in this same song it feels more like Rhapsody of Fire. You might think: ‘what the hell, that is something completely different’. That is true, however it might be the best description of what this album is like. It is foremost fast and heavy guitarriffs that sometimes are vicious and sometimes happy and hyperactive that fill your room. I have some trouble with the amount of singers which gives me the feeling of lack of consistency. Alessio Perardi is a singer that easily hits the higher notes that give me a nostalgic feeling. Together with the haunting and very modern synthparts it becomes a tough and nice metal album.

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