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Leech - Cyanide Christ

Leech - Cyanide Christ

Label : Defense Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Re-release

Jori : Five years ago no less, the album ‘Cyanide Christ’ by the project Leech was first released. Leech consists largely of members of the also Swedish group Carnal Forge. Together with guitarist Magnus Söderman of Nightrage, these guys made a record that made for top scores back in the day. Now there is a re-release by the Polish label Defense Records, so that a larger audience including us on the European mainland can enjoy this. And there is stuff to enjoy for sure with the excellent Testament-like though still modern thrash of this group. Those Testament influences are especially clear on songs such as ‘Piss ‘n Spite’ and ‘Condemned’, while the more modern nature is showcased in a song as ‘the Real Me’. Spotlight positions go to the rock-solid voice of Jens and the excellent guitar wizardry of Magnus, while there is nothing more to be wished from the super tight rhythm section of this band either. For what I can find on the internet, the group stopped directly after this release and there are no plans to continue this project in any way. A pity, for this leaves a craving for more!

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