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Blacksnake - Blood Of The Snake

Blacksnake - Blood Of The Snake

Label : Defense Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Okay, but what does Blacksnake from Poland play? That is most probably the first question that springs to mind for most when you see it being labelled as ‘different metal’. A mix of doom, stoner, sludge, thrash, traditional metal is what is unleashed upon humanity. Easy on the ears and catchy as hell. Without even having heard the songs once you can already hum along to them and sway to them. It is even danceable. The aforementioned styles are all more or less evenly represented in the songs. So it’s not like one song is doo, another thrash, another stoner, another sludge. No, it was all thrown together into the same pan, stirred heavily and simmered for quite some time seeing to it that the mix is well-balanced in each and every song. During ‘RnR All Day’ all of a sudden female vocals pop up, courtesy of Dominka Kobiałka of Tension. These vocals fit well and she possesses a pleasant powerful voice. As the song title gives away there is quite a bit of rock and roll to be discerned in this song, mostly of the southern USA states variety, just listen to the fiddle employed here. Like has been said earlier it is a very catchy album and the musicianship is good. It’s to be recommended to anyone who also likes to hear some fun in music from time to time. So not only doom and gloom.

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