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Phantom Winter - Into Dark Science

Phantom Winter - Into Dark Science

Label : Golden Antenna | Archive under post rock / post metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : The beloved Bavarian Germans of Phantom Winter have returned. Album number three, entitled ‘Into Dark Science’, continues where predecessor ‘Sundown Pleasures’, from 2016, left off. Lingering riffs, hysteric vocals, walls of sound, tranquil moment to catch your breath. But now darker than ever before and even more riff centred. The sludge these gentlemen play is peppered with post metal. The accompanying bio describes it as “a journey through dark worlds of authors Sylvia Plath and Mary Shelley.” Every single word of that is true. That’s indeed how it all comes across. The serenity, the craziness, schizophrenic, mental degradation, the inner demons that have to be accepted and channelled. A head-trip. ‘Into Dark Science’ is a total experience that has to be undergone.

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