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Hogjaw - Way Down Yonder

Hogjaw - Way Down Yonder

Label : Snakefarm Records | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : Southern Rock band Hogjaw hails from Arizona, and the members are friends from the time they went to high school. They were already playing music together back then. The band themselves call their kind of music “hard hitting southern fried electric guitar rock”. Back in 2006 the band decided to take their career serious and dedicate all their time to Hogjaw. ‘Way Down Yonder’ is their sixth release. It’s pure Southern Rock that makes this band tick. Although, the band is also enthusiastic about ‘Brown Water’. This is one of the songs that fully represents the band and the music they stand for. Clean guitars and nice upbeat tempo. Singer Jonboat Jones fits this kind of music perfect with his, possibly whiskey drenched, vocals. I think he might be one of the better vocalists in the southern Rock genre at the moment. ‘North Carolina Way’ is a very strong an varied song. The background vocals really add to the quality of the song. Title track ‘Way Down Yonder’ is of the somewhat heavier tracks. This song holds some very nice guitarwork in the riffing and solo department. There is also a typical ‘stomp your feet on the ground’ section in this song. This song will go down very well live, that is for sure. A song that certainly has to be mentioned is the beautiful and impetuous ‘Redemption’. Album closer ‘Talk About Fishing’ is a jolly song, including banjo, mouth harp and community singing. Although I am no connoisseur of this genre, this is a pleasant surprise.

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