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The Shadow Lizzards - The Shadow Lizzards

The Shadow Lizzards - The Shadow Lizzards

Label : Tonzonen Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : In our own country we have DeWolff and Birth Of Joy representing the retro-rock genre in a great way. In Germany they also have a great band in that particular line of work: The Shadow Lizzards. This three-piece presents Cream-like stuff with pleasantly freewheeling organ parts and an acid atmosphere. The guitar sounds in the direction of Robin Trower at times, and the Jack Bruce influences of the bass can also be clearly heard. The band has not cheated with overdubs; the bass player also plays the organ, so these cannot be heard at the same time, which can cause a slightly thin sound at times, but does present a honest overall picture. Ten songs on this album, with the opener being the shortest with three and a half minutes and the rest of the tracks between five and eight minutes. Plenty of room for variation, creative jam-like elements and epic songs. Not every track succeeded at this point to the fullest, but the band brought a very decent piece of work to say the least, making it clear all three know what they’re doing and truly know how to reach the listener with passionate fireworks at times. One point of criticism; it seems like vinyl lovers are almost punished by leaving out three songs, including the wonderful 'Top Of The Mountain'. Maybe the release of a double album with gatefold sleeve as second pressing is justified.

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