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Cruda Sorte - Ewigkeiten Im Schimmel

Cruda Sorte - Ewigkeiten Im Schimmel

Label : Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Cruda Sorte, meaning: 'cruel destiny' and also the name of a German black metal band from Berlin. Cruda Sorte exists since 2005 and was originally the one-man band of founder Nathanael. After three demos and a split they released their debut LP 'Innozenz’ in 2014and their second album 'Nekrolog’ in 2016 after which they could work with a renewed line-up on the new opus 'Ewigkeiten Im Schimmel’ that is currently in stores.

‘Ewigkeit Im Schimmel’, meaning: 'ages in mold' and also the name of this new emotional black metal album by Cruda Sorte. Atmospheric, dream-like black metal with raw intersections with a clear production and three vocalists who take turns on the mournful and/or tormented chants. ‘Ewigkeit Im Schimmel' Mold ' is carried by the inexhaustible source of leads of guitarist Memnoch and the aforementioned range of the three vocalists. Songs like ‘‘Die Letzte Ära’ and ‘Spinnentanz Und Giftbefall’ are overwhelming gloomy but raw songs that give you an uncomfortable feeling and the German lyrics only reinforce that feeling. The members of Animo Aeger are a real asset to Cruda Sorte and 'Ewigkeit Im Schimmel' is a must for those who love the work of Lunar Aurora, Nagelfar, Dauþuz and other related atmospheric black metal bands.

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