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Pestilent Reign - Pyres

Pestilent Reign - Pyres

Label : Rising Nemenis Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : Pestilent Reign from the South-German Stuttgart region debut this month with their powerful new album ‘Pyres’, that will be released on March 16, through Rising Nemesis Records and Rebirth The Metal Productions. Their debut full length album is a convincing display of modern muscular death metal with a sharp technical edge. Clearly inspired by such bands as Dyscarnate, Psycroptic, Dying Fetus, Revocation and Misery Index as well, Pestilent Reign show that they know how to play death metal too, and not just a little bit. This is heavy as fuck, powerful and in-your-face. In thirty nine minutes we are treated with eight death metal tracks that are high on fire. Fast blastbeats, killer grooves, melodic guitar solos, mesmerizing riffs and powerful death metal vocals with a lot of diversity from pig screams, guttural barking and screams make this album highly enjoyable for fans of modern death metal.

Not all the tracks on ‘Pyres’ are new, for instance ‘You Will Kneel In Piss And Blood’ and ‘I.M.T.R.M.’ could be heard on Pestilent Reign’s first EP ‘Shivering Chaos’ from 2015 and ‘Ouroboros’, ‘Cleanse The Flesh’ and ‘Zealot’ (with a soundclip from a speech from extremist Christian pastor Steven Anderson regarding death metal) are compositions from their second EP ‘The Zealot’ from 2015. Effectively we get three new compositions; opener ‘Martyr’ (for which the band shot a video), ‘Saviour’ and the closing song and second single ‘Gutter’s Filth’. Compared to the first two recordings, Pestilent Reign has made great progress as a band and the great sounding production of the album that was in the hands of Christoph Brandes (Iguana Studios, Freiburg) definitely helped them display their talent at the best possible way. Be sure to check out Pestilent Reign’s video of ‘Martyr’ below and pick up their record on March 16! ‘Pyres’ is by far one of the best death metal albums from German soil in recent times!

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