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Parzival - Urheimat Neugeburt

Parzival - Urheimat Neugeburt

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Parzival is an underground “bombastic industrial” band from Denmark who have been at it for quite some time and have undergone a lot of stylistic changes as a result. Their “new” record ‘Urheimat Neugeburt’ is a re-interpretation of their 2010 record ‘Urheimat’. “Bombastic industrial” is a fitting name, as that’s basically all that’s on this album – it’s mostly resembling of a tired Laibach. Stoic, low vocals support the relatively boring and uninspired folk-influenced tones and though the re-introduction of the guitars might sound like a welcome change towards a heavier sound, the parts are more of an afterthought and therefor this album is best left untouched.

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