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Jörmungand  - Zwischenwelten

Jörmungand - Zwischenwelten

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Jörmungand hails from Köln, it happens to be a pagan metal band, active since 2009. In 2014 they released their debut album ‘Von Wind Und Schatten’, now followed by the concept album ‘Zwischenwelten’. The album is inspired by the book ‘The NeverEnding Story’ by Michael Ende, but not literally. Actually the book is used as a metaphor for personal and philosophical contemplations in the lyrics. The nine songs run through the cycle of life from human beings, seen from a mythological point of view. The five-piece has turned this into an extensive and complex work.

Jörmungand deserves a special mentioning n the pagan metal scène, because they mix hectic, complex patterns with very raucous vocals as well as clean vocals and on top of that they create a kind of Rockpalast feel. I guess I have to explain the latter remark… The soaring synthesizers and beautiful sensitive guitar solos really remind me of hard rock/prog from the seventies. They are truly the cherry on the pie on ‘Zwischenwelten’, an ongoing source of compelling sounds. In this respect Jörmungand might be best described as an hybrid between Menhir (including the medieval cloths) and the modern hectic Equilibrium. Singer Stef has a very gravel-throated growl, but incidentally we also hear clean chants. The long compositions include a lot of intricacies, this album demands your full attention to fathom. Even if there are a few flaws – some clean vocals could have been better – yet this band has the talent to approach the pagan metal genre with a personal touch. It might be a long time investigation to get familiar with every song, they are not the most accessible tunes of the genre, but time and time again we are charmed by strong passages, spoken parts and amazing guitar leads. The harsh parts are often hectic and overwhelming, but they are sublimated by peaceful emotive melodies. Thus, worth your attention.

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