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Insolvency - Antagonism Of The Soul

Insolvency - Antagonism Of The Soul

Label : Send The Wood | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : The French outfit Insolvency recently released a solid debut with 'Antagonism Of The Soul'. This is mainly due to the input of the duo Pierre Challouet (bass/vocals) and Valentin Gondouin (guitar/vocals). Together they provide a cool alternation between furious roaring and clear passages. Do not confuse the latter with those boring emo vocals that you hear to those in all those boring metalcore acts. Insolvency keeps it spicy. The combination of those vocal parts with a couple of guitarists that have succeeded in exciting melodic guitar parts that you would rather expect in power metal, gives an exciting end result. Everything is cleverly accompanied by the fast and striking percussion of Mickaƫl Tamario. With 'Divided' and 'Hope' you get to hear a soft and atmospheric instrumental in the beginning and halfway. My personal favorite is 'Violation', that starts as one of the hardest songs but is interrupted halfway with an acoustic guitar piece. The clean vocals that amplify the chorus even more, provide a hard but very smooth song. 'A Leaving Life, A New Beginning' makes it clear how strong the guitar duo is playing. Occasionally you hear a short fragment of fragile piano or keyboards that provides a nice finishing touch. With a debut like this, Insolvency has it all to make it.

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