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Forming The Void / Pyreship - Forming The Void / Pyreship

Forming The Void / Pyreship - Forming The Void / Pyreship

Label : Endhipendit Record Co | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Split cd

Marcel H. : A sludge split. One consisting of Forming The Void’s sludge and that of Pyreship. Forming The Void delivers ‘To The Wolves’ and Pyreship ‘Wraith’s Tide’.

‘To The Wolves’ clocks in a little over six minutes showcases what ‘Forming The Void stands for. Slightly progressive sludge that is easy on the ears. Call it a little more technical melodic Savannah sludge variant, if you like. It goes down well and is over before you even notice it. Following song ‘Wraith’s Tide’ by Pyreship is almost entirely instrumental and leans more towards post metal, even though it is still unmistakably sludge. Only the last three minutes of this nine minute song possess some vocals. The song is characterized by a structure that employs tension curves and builds towards a pinnacle. That peak can be found within the last three minutes of the song when the vocals kick in and the guitars come more to the foreground. A fine song, that leaves you behind longing for more.

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