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Balmog - Vacuum

Balmog - Vacuum

Label : War Anthem Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Balmog is a busy band: after a split with compatriots Sartegos earlier this year, now there is the release of 'Vacvvm', the third long player of the Spanish band. With a very constant line up these men continue to assault the underground black metal world. ‘Vacvvm’ is more brutal and savage than ‘Svmma Fide’ and ‘Testimony Of The Abominable' and by adding some haunting and atmospheric parts, as in ‘Hodegetria’ or ‘Come To The Pulpit' this new record sounds more mature and more threatening than its predecessors. The dissonant guitar parts are the ear-catcher on this obscure album.

This ferocious gloomy piece of metal was recorded at Moontower Studios by a great man in Spain, being Javi Félez (Graveyard, Apologoethia, Dawn Ov Hate, Körgull the Exterminator) and the mastering was done at the Necromorbius Studio in Sweden, which is why the album has a 'Northern' touch. 'Svmma Fide’ from 2015 was already a memorable album that I still play occasionally and also 'Vacvvm' will be played in the future. This is another step forward for Balmog and they would certainly not look out of place as support act for Watain or Marduk for example and hopefully they will come anytime soon to one or another underground party in our neighborhood. The cd version is released through War Anthem Records and the vinyl version through Balmog’s trusted label BlackSeed Productions.

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