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Messiah - Extreme Cold Weather

Messiah - Extreme Cold Weather

Label : High Roller Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Re-release

Pim B. : Germany's High Roller Records reissued the two first albums by Messiah from Switzerland earlier this year. And that's not the first time they have done that. They already reissued these albums on vinyl. Now both 'Hymn To Abramelin', which I also reviewed, and 'Extreme Cold Weather' have been released on CD. Looking back at all the various re-releases a CD-edition is quite special. The fact these re-release coincide with the reformation of Messiah is pretty cool too. Even when the first albums were recorded as a trio and the band now operates as the 4-piece that was active in 1990.That line-up recorded cool albums (for Noise Records) such as 'choir Of Horrors' or 'Rotten Perish'. Albums that can be considered as death metal. The cult status Messiah gained with 'Hymn To Abramelin' and 'Extreme Cold Weather' was mainly because of the raw thrash metal they played back then.

To this day 'Extreme Cold Weather' still speaks to people. This new CD-edition in a slipcase and with a poster is the third version of this album I can add to my collection. I already had the original LP version on Chainsaw Murder Records as well as the edition on Floga Records that contains some bonus material in the form of demo tracks. This CD has no extras. It's the 1987 mix as it was intended back the. So the “A-side” has the songs recorded live in the studio in Messiah's hometown Baar. The tracks on “Side B” were recorded during their 1987 tour in Pforzheim, Rotterdam and Alkmaar.

You can still consider messiah as a unique thrash band. They moved away from their Hellhammer influence and got a more maniacal sound that reminds me a bit of the earliest Voivod material. Whatever your opinion is, you can't deny Messiah was and still is a cool band and 'Extreme Cold Weather' should be part of any extreme metal collection.

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