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Myrkraverk  - Naer Døden

Myrkraverk - Naer Døden

Label : Blut & Eisen Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : No-nonsense black metal in a rebellious way, with a folk connotation? Myrkraverk does it on ‘Naer Døden', their debut LP via Blut & Eisen Productions. The raw production suggests that they recorded the album intentionally with little to none sophisticated studio tricks. The drums sound great, although almost no one will agree with me since this kind of sound is baned for about 25 years and is only used by raw anarchist and/or poor bands. Magnificent! Old Darkthrone seems close sometimes, but then again far away. As in the distant past there is also a punky vibe on ‘Naer Døden', but that is not all: there is also some progressive noise and instrumental whining going on which I do not understand. A song like 'Blåkvit' is full of meaningless rumbling and Attila Csihar-like vocals without purpose. The spoken/whispered vocals in 'Hyllest! Reia!' are there to underline the atmosphere, but they seem to drag on forever. Fortunately, there are still real black metal songs between the 14 tracks in 48 minutes on 'Naer Døden', such as ‘Heidinn rites blot’, Dimensjon dødsspiral’ and ‘Nordvegen II‘ and thanks to the varied length of the songs it all remains a bit easy to digest. Fun for some, garbage for others.

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