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Revel In Flesh - Relics Of The Deathkult

Revel In Flesh - Relics Of The Deathkult

Label : War Anthem Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Sicktus : Fuck yeah! A new Revel In Flesh? Well, o, unfortunately, this is “just” a compilation album. But, dear reader, not just your average “best of” type of compilation, featuring just rehashed and reheated old stuff that is still pretty easily available. Nope! Okay, okay, it are tracks that have been available before, I’ll give you that much, but on the whole, these tracks have only been available on split EP’s or as bonus tracks on the vinyl versions of their full-lengths. So, yeah, not the most widely available, no. Okay, that is pretty good I guess, but erm, what do we get, on ‘Relics Of The Deathkult’?

Got a minute? Okay, here goes. 'Relics Of The Deathkult' has these tracks: 'Bonecrusher', taken from 'Within The Morbid Ossuary', the 2012 split EP with Revolting, 'Corpus Vermis' taken from the 'Corpus Obscuria' split EP (with Grave Wax) from 2014, 'A Chant Of Misery' of the 'Imperial Anthems No. 13' split EP with Puteraeon (2014 as well), 'Deathkult' of the split EP of the same title, which was a split with Feral (again 2014), 'Phlebotomy: Blood Dripping Healing' of the The Dead Goats split EP (you guessed it, 2014, quite a productive year for these Schwabian gents), 'Nightrealm Ghouls: The Dead Will Walk The Earth' of the split EP with Zombification, 2015), 'The Ending In Fire' (split EP with Humiliation, 2015) and 'Casket Ride' (split EP with Wombbath, 2016 and also present on 'Emissary Of All Plagues').
Is that it? Nope... You also get three cover songs (Master - 'Pay To Die', Death - 'Mutilation', Headhunter D.C. - 'Deny The Light'), which respectively were bonus tracks on the vinyl versions of 'Deathevokation' (2012) and 'Manifested Darkness' (2013). The Headhunter D.C. cover finally was recorded for a Brazilian Headhunter D.C. tribute album and was also on the split EP with Under The Church last Summer. Right on, well done, hats off! That is quite a nice list you made there! Any opinion on it, perhaps?

Yes. So, in conclusion:
1) Revel In Flesh could probably have easily recorded another full-length between 'Death Kult Legions' (2014) and 'Emissary Of All Plagues' (2016).
2) I could have kept this review a lot shorter by saying that this release gets you a neat and complete collection of all of their 7” / EP tracks, plus some bonus cover songs.
3) Revel In Flesh are a fucking enjoyable oldschool Swedeath band and this compilation is a great overview of their career from 2012 to 2017. Swinging, grooving, heavy, steamrolling, sawing, bonecrushing. If you are a Revel In Flesh fan and you didn’t manage to get your gritty death metal loving hands on all of these tracks yet, or if you are a OSDM fan in general: this is quite an enjoyable release. Hell yeah.

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