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Troll - Troll

Troll - Troll

Label : Shadow Kingdom Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Re-release

Cor : This debut album by Troll is actually a reissue of their self-released demo cassette from 2016. Their record label Shadow Kingdom has plans for a release of a new Troll album later this year, but they thought that the six tracks from the debut demo deserved to be able to reach a broader audience. A re-release of the debut material on CD (and also once more on cassette) has seen the light. The songs are heavy, dragging, and psychedelic, containing repeating basic riffs which differ in intensity quite much, but always combined by tasteful lead guitars. Maybe some people would question the term tasteful in combination with this swampy atmosphere; sometimes doom and stoner can have a desert feel to it, but this is one is sluggish, humid, sleazy dragging. This is the right mix of Black Sabbath in a sixties psychedelic swamp, combined with something breathing prog-doom; quite some curious mix. I’m looking forward to the next release!

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