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Felskinn - Mind Over Matter

Felskinn - Mind Over Matter

Label : Rock Of Angels Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : There is a new kind of virus in the music industry. It is called reunitis, the urge to bring a band together after a years of hiatus. It also infected Swiss rockers Felskinn. The five members decided to get together again after disbanding in 2008 with two albums released. The members of Felskinn gathered quite some experience in bands like Krokus (a well-known name) or Maxxwell (never heard of them, to be honest). The album sounds really good, not that strange knowing that Jacob Hansen (Volbeat) mixed and engineered ‘Mind Over Matter’. Besides that there are some guest appearances from guitarist Mandy Meyer (Krokus) and drummer Mike Terrana. The latter played on all the tracks.

Classic hard rock is what makes Felskinn tick. Their sound is not that far away from fellow Swiss men Krokus or Gotthard. Although Felskinn has a bit more bombast and orchestration in their sound. Opener ‘Close Your Eyes’ and title track ‘mind Over Matter’(very nice!) are very convincing and heavy tracks. On the other hand the band has some nice bombastic and melodic songs in ‘Superhero’ and ‘Break New Ground’ (cool violin parts in this one) all songs on this album show good craftmanship in songwriting. Most convincing track is ‘Pictures In My Dreams’. This will make your little rocking heart beat a little faster for sure. Sadly, some of the other tracks are quite forgettable. At the end this album makes a more than positive impression bringing Felskinn back to the rock and roll masses. How long the band will stay together this time is written in the stars. ‘Mind Over Matter’ is here to stay, thankfully.

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