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Tax The Heat - Change Your Position

Tax The Heat - Change Your Position

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Tax The Heat is an English rock band that debuted two years ago with the release of 'Fed To The Lions', an album on which the band showed typical English rock. The band does not play heavy rock, let alone metal. No, Tax The Heat stands for quite exciting radio friendly poprock of a more than decent level.

The music on this new album is slightly heavier than on its predecessor. The guitars sound a bit more swampy (is that proper English?) and seem to be tuned lower than before ('Playing With Fire') and the riffs are played a bit more solidly. But it is always melodious and accessible. The four gentlemen from Bristol – dressed in good suits - have the gift to write very accessible songs, with a catchy chorus and with a logical, uncomplicated structure. Sometimes some electronics are added ('All That Medecine') and although a lot of material is mid-tempo, there are a few slower songs (the exciting 'The Last Time') and more up tempo tracks (the smooth 'My Headspace'). If the band gets a decent promo action behind them, this band may well get some success.

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