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Reject The Sickness - The Weight Of Silence

Reject The Sickness - The Weight Of Silence

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : On the 16th of March the Danish label ‘Mighty Music’ will release the second long player of the Belgian band Reject The Sickness, an album I gladly recommend to everybody that has great affinity with melodic death metal and is not afraid of a touch of metalcore. Sure, these five Belgians won’t lead our beloved melodic metal into a new era with their interpretation of it, and original ideas are also pretty rare, but with their dark sound they managed to create a very interesting character. However, I must confess that it took some time until the spark hit me, because it took me until the the fifth track (‘Wilted Flowers’) that I got the feeling that I was going to understand the music, but after that all the other pieces fell into place. All in all, ‘The Weight Of Silence’ is a pleasant album, where one cannot accuse the band of a lack of versatility. Sweet melodies alternate with rock-hard riffs and also, technically the men are doing a really great job. Big plus in my eyes is that they do not try clean vocals at all! Nothing innovative, but sure tasty.

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