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Malady - Toinen Toista

Malady - Toinen Toista

Label : Svart Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : To be honest, I never understood why bands, that don’t sing in English, send their albums to international media. With death and black metal I don’t think it really matters, I mean let’s face it, how much do we really understand of that? But with a symphonic rock band that has ‘normal’ vocals I think it actually is important, and if you want to be heard internationally I’d think it’s somewhat important to sing in a language that most people understand. I can count all great bands, that have vocals in a different language than English, on one hand (after a firework accident). Malady won’t be part of those if you ask me.

There’s not much too find about the band Malady, except that they’ve released an album in 2015 under the name ‘Malady’ and that they’re now releasing their second album ‘Toinen Toista’. The Finns create music that strongly resembles the symphonic/progressive rock from the seventies, think of King Crimson or Pink Floyd. The album has five songs of which the last one almost hits the twenty-three minute mark, it’s only shy two seconds! The music is pretty calm and my initial description of rock is a bit of a stretch, it’s often pretty atmospheric, which is caused by the wide-sounding keyboards, Hammond organs, and flutes. The songs aren’t bad, also not very extraordinary, and it’s very easy to listen to, yet it doesn’t do anything for me and I feel that the songs don’t go anywhere. This is partially caused by the lyrics, that are sung in Finnish, but also by vocalist Babak Issabeigloo, who doesn’t show a lot of dynamic throughout the album. The other instruments are played well, but it’s not a technically complex album either.

With ‘Toinen Toista’ the band Malady hasn’t been able to convince me. It’s definitely not a bad record, but it’s also not something to write home about. If it would’ve contained English vocals, would it have been much better? No, it wouldn’t have, but the combination between text and empathetic vocals could’ve certainly done something. Nice band to see though when they’re the supporting act of a progressive rock show.

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