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Killing Addiction - Omega Factor

Killing Addiction - Omega Factor

Label : Xtreem Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Re-release

Ren� : Killing Addiction was part of the first wave of death metal bands from Florida, USA. De band was founded at the end of the eighties and released the 'Legacies of Terror' demo (1990), the 7'' EP 'Necrosphere' (1991) and the album 'Omega Factor' (1993). All are compiled on one CD now! After the album the band released one more EP before they disbanded only to return in 2010 from which date on they released a new album and some more EP's. Musicwise Killing Addiction perfectly reflects the character of the time and 'Omega Factor' can truly be described as a classic example of early old school death metal. Bandnames that come to mind are old Morbid Angel, old Death and Rottrevore. As this album has been very hard to find it gives both old and new fans of real death metal the opportunity to obtain this gem. Definitely value for money. Later on the label will also release a vinyl version of the album.

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