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Dautha - Brethren Of The Black Soil

Dautha - Brethren Of The Black Soil

Label : Van Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : ‘Brethren Of The Black Soil’ is Dautha’s first full-length. The band around guitarist and composer Ola Blomkvist (Wardenclyffe, ex-Griftegård) already impressed with the demo ’Den Förste’ that was re-released by their label Ván Records. We introduced the band via this interview in which Ola already told a bit about this full-length.

I will tell you straight-away this is an album you should invest some time in. I suspect quite a few people will put this aside after just a few spins. But believe me, it’s a grower. Basically Dautha plays classic doom metal. In my review about ‘Den Förste’ I already mentioned Spiritus Mortis and Procession. The latter mainly because the vocals of Lars Palmqvist (Scar Symmetry) remind me of the tone of Felipe Plaza Kutzbach. Listening to ‘Brethren Of The Black Soil’ I regularly have to think of Candlemass too. There’s nothing to complain about the riffs and compositions. The lyrics are interesting too dealing with historic topics. What might put some listeners off are some other elements within the music of Dautha. It doesn’t affect me personally but that’s the reason why I already said you should give this some time. For instance almost all tracks contain violins. Perhaps not the most common instrument within epic doom, but these parts played by Åsa Eriksson-Wärnberg do add extra value to the songs. After a while you’ll notice the violin is indispensable within the sound, making Dautha unique.

When it comes to the vocals these Swedes let loose. Next to Palmqvist you will hear the voice of Rickard Larsson on most songs. He has a prominent role in the song ‘The Children’s Crusade’ for instance. That song also has a children’s choir made up by students from the music school where the aforementioned violinist Åsa teaches. I also want to mention the closing track ‘Bogbodies’, which sounds different (read more experimental) opposed to the other material. On this song we hear Thomas Sabbathi (Year Of The Goat, ex-Griftegård) in duet with Palmqvist. Recapitulating the album contains, next to the defined contours of doom metal, elements that you won’t hear too often in this style. This results in record that can’t be called easy to digest. In the end it will be an album that proves to be outstanding over a longer period of time. Songs like ‘Brethren Of The Black Soil’ or ‘The Children’s Crusade’ are outstanding; the complete album definitely above-average.

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